Cloud based Managed Services & Client Architecture is a proven open platform, used by Global Managed Service Operators to innovate, differentiate, and provision compelling value-added Broadband Entertainment services in over 120 countries around the world.
  • MixP2P Streaming

    iPmacro's creative Streaming technologies, combine the advantage of Smart CDN and P2P to one solution. With Smart CDN, channel zapping can be as fast as fly. With P2P, bandwidth cost can be lower than your imagination.Read More >
  • FastUI Framework

    iPmacro's html based UI Framework, make the UI deveopment on STB as fast as making a webpage. Interative speed on STB just like native application.Read More >
  • High Quality Encoding with Low Bitrate

    iPmacro's encoding engine, maximum the H264 encoding power, making the accepatable internet TV quality with lowest bandwith. D1 resolution, good quality at average 1M bitrate.Read More >